Munich is all about Performance… and the Dirndl and the Lederhosen!

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Grüß Gott! Relocating to Munich? Whether it is for a short- or a long-term period, nowadays, flexibility, independence and autonomy make a great part of the way we choose to experience life, and Munich has it all.

Full of inspiring contrasts from the old to the new, Munich authentically combines state-of-the-art technology with tradition, offering a cheerful reminder of ”what the future may look like” to “where we have come from”, hence famously known as a cosmopolitan village.

With its 1.5 million inhabitants and accommodating more than 180 nations, Munich is the largest city of the Bavarian state and the third largest city of Germany with an outstanding economic and employment balance, contributing to the high level of quality of life, security and future prospects. It is also a magnet for investors hosting a diversified industry market and famous for its research institutes and academia, attracting professionals and students alike from all over the world.

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