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It is widely accepted that serviced apartments offer a great alternative for short- and long-term accommodations, especially when a home feeling is important to employees relocating to a new city or country and wishing the sensation of immediate settlement and comfort.

In addition to the many benefits that serviced apartments offer, such as fully furnished apartments, cost-effectiveness in relation to other type of accommodations, space, privacy and the hassle-free of arrangements to important conveniences – as the like of telephone and internet connections, cable TV, security deposits and other binding agreements – they contribute much more in relation to a smooth fit in to the new place it will be called home.

They also provide with opportunities to experience what is like being a local in a very short space of time, facilitating a sense of belonging and emotional comfort as well as contributing towards a smooth professional integration and greater work performance.

However, with all the numerous advantages that serviced apartments propose, one of the most conclusive factors, for the well being in a long-term, is to know exactly what to look for on a serviced apartment.

Like any other type of accommodation, we are either offered with an array of choice or limited options depending on the place relocation is occurring. Hence, specifications like location, amenities, size, features, interior décor, standards, quietness and privacy are just some of the characteristics to carefully consider when on a search for your new residence. What speaks higher? What seems most important? What cannot be lived without?

Examples as such are important to consider, as well as to anticipate and communicate them as clear as possible, since they ensure that particular preferences are being met and that the final choice among the options being offered is the right choice for the long term.

The type of temporary housing that you end up choosing should strengthen your very personal self and provide with the unique experience that you wish to conduct your life. After all, a home is a source for welfare irrespective of the amount of time you spend there.