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Grüß Gott! Relocating to Munich? Whether it is for a short- or a long-term period, nowadays, flexibility, independence and autonomy make a great part of the way we choose to experience life, and Munich has it all.

Full of inspiring contrasts from the old to the new, Munich authentically combines state-of-the-art technology with tradition, offering a cheerful reminder of ”what the future may look like” to “where we have come from”, hence famously known as a cosmopolitan village.

With its 1.5 million inhabitants and accommodating more than 180 nations, Munich is the largest city of the Bavarian state and the third largest city of Germany with an outstanding economic and employment balance, contributing to the high level of quality of life, security and future prospects. It is also a magnet for investors hosting a diversified industry market and famous for its research institutes and academia, attracting professionals and students alike from all over the world.

The city’s infrastructure offers excellent public transport links, making your destination from A to B an effortless journey. And if you are more up to add some fitness and flexibility to your daily routine, why not join the crowd and cycle around with a dedicated 1.200 km bike lanes.

Munich is not only all “about work and no play”, there is diversity on how you wish to spend your free time. You can enjoy one of the 100’s of beer gardens, a great part of the Bavarian mentality, or play football, jog, cycle, swim, surf, have a picnic and much more in one of the beautiful parks, lakes and rivers. Places like the Englischer Garten, Isar, Flaucher are just some of the spots you can take the most of the outdoor activities. And then, there are the must see museums, art galleries, palaces, variety of international cuisine, shopping, markets and the list goes on. But wait, there is more! Thanks to its central geographical location within Europe, you can simply tour around and relish on other cultural experiences. Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic are some of the countries you might consider starting your next adventure for a weekend or a short holiday, and it will be worthwhile.

However, among the many fascinating pleasures Munich has to offer, housing proves to be a great challenge in a highly competitive real estate market, where the demand is too high to keep up with a decreasing and unbalanced supply in accommodation options. Furthermore, market pressure will further intensify due to the steady growth of population and shortage of building spaces. Therefore, it ends up not only being a tedious and exhausting task, but when you finally got the opportunity to find your “dream place”, you’ll have to share a viewing with up to 30 or more prospect tenants. It is thus advisable that you allocate some time flexibility on your search for the suitable place of living, after all, you’ll finally feel settled when you have a place to call home.

If you are looking to leverage and ease this part of your process, talk to us. We can support to improve your Performance by providing one of the important elements in the chain of the relocation process – individual and all-inclusive corporate accommodation packages. And we leave some of the 600 varieties of bread, delicious pretzel, the tasteful beer and countless unforgettable experiences for the new Dirndl and Lederhosen moving to Munich!


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